Spotify raises prices of premium subscription plans | MuaneToraya

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Daniel Ek, laminitis and main enforcement serviceman of Spotify, attends the Cannes Lions 2016 connected June 22, 2016 successful Cannes, France. 

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Spotify announced connected Monday it is expanding the outgo of its premium subscription plans successful the U.S., marking the Swedish music-streaming company's second terms hike successful a year. U.S. Spotify users volition beryllium notified astir the caller alteration to their subscription implicit the adjacent month.

Shares of Spotify were up much than 5% successful premarket trading Monday.

For users successful the U.S., an "Individual" program volition outgo $11.99, a "Duo" program volition outgo $16.99 and a "Family" program volition outgo $19.99. The "Student" program volition inactive outgo $5.99. Spotify said it is raising prices truthful the institution tin "continue to put successful and innovate connected our merchandise features," according to a blog post.

In July of past year, Spotify accrued the terms of its Individual offering to $10.99, its Duo program to $14.99, its Family program to $16.99 and its Student offering to $5.99. The institution said the marketplace scenery has "continued to evolve" since Spotify launched, according to a release astatine the time.

Spotify did not instantly respond to 's petition for comment.