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AMSTERDAM, Netherlands — Corporate payments startup Payhawk told it is readying mergers and acquisitions to turn its footprint successful the U.S. and instrumentality connected large players successful the abstraction similar SAP and venture-backed firms Brex and Ramp.

The startup said it is looking to acquire a U.S. institution oregon companies astatine the bid A signifier of their development, referring to early-stage startups that person already raised a important circular of funding.

In an interrogation with , Hristo Borisov, Payhawk's CEO and co-founder, said helium thinks his steadfast has a amended "product-market fit" than its rivals, which person gained multibillion-dollar valuations by handing retired escaped firm cards to different startups.

"We spot an accidental to person overmuch amended portion economics successful this business," Borisov told astatine the Money 20/20 league successful Amsterdam, Netherlands, this week. "We judge companies similar Brex and Ramp inactive haven't recovered beardown merchandise marketplace acceptable for what this imaginable marketplace is going to be."

Payhawk is simply a firm walk absorption level that issues astute cards for clients' employees to marque payments and support way of their expenses. Decathlon and Vinted are among its customers.

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In the U.S., Payhawk has partnered with American Express nether the recognition paper giant's Sync Commercial Partner Program. This allows it to contented virtual cards which gain rewards based connected idiosyncratic spending.

Consolidation the sanction of the game

Payhawk recorded immense maturation successful the archetypal quarter, the institution told . It revealed that gross climbed 84% globally year-over-year, and income jumped 127% successful the U.K. — a marketplace that present makes up 27% of wide revenue.

Payhawk's maturation came disconnected the backmost of a important summation successful clients. The steadfast said it saw a 58% summation successful customers year-over-year successful the 3 months ending March, with the U.K., again, a large driver.

Now, Payhawk wants to turn its U.S. footprint successful a large mode — and M&A volition beryllium a cardinal to unlocking that growth, according to Borisov.

"Many businesses that got funded successful past 2 oregon 3 years are present successful a presumption wherever they're looking astatine strategical options," Borisov said. "This is thing we're actively doing. We're looking for companies to buy."

"Our imaginativeness is to beryllium capable to supply a azygous level that provides a homogeneous environment your firm disbursal needs with a azygous provider," Borisov said. "There is going to beryllium immoderate marketplace consolidation."

Goal to go a nationalist company

Asked whether his steadfast was looking to rise caller task backing to execute its objectives, Borisov said that Payhawk is ever successful fundraising conversations.

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He added that its renewed maturation implicit the past twelvemonth had garnered involvement from outer investors, aft a tougher 2022 and aboriginal 2023.

"Fundraising is everyday," helium said. "It's not due to the fact that we request money. The worst clip to fundraise is erstwhile you request the money."

"We're speaking to investors daily, knowing wherever the marketplace is," Borisov added. "Partners who bash judge successful that imaginativeness spot the aforesaid way."

Payhawk whitethorn look to rise a caller task circular either this twelvemonth oregon adjacent year, Borisov added. The firm, backed by task firms Lightspeed, Greenoaks, and Earlybird, has raised $240 cardinal to date.

He said his eventual extremity is for Payhawk to go a publically listed company, though there's nary day yet for the steadfast to motorboat a nationalist marketplace debut.

"Our eventual extremity is to IPO the company, this is thing we're focused on," Borisov said. "This truly depends connected the marketplace conditions and marketplace realities."