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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella speaks astatine a media briefing astatine the company's field successful Redmond, Washington, connected May 20, 2024.

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Microsoft volition laic disconnected immoderate employees who enactment connected mixed reality, a spokesperson told connected Monday. Although the cuts volition impact the section that contributes to the HoloLens 2 augmented world headset, Microsoft plans to proceed selling the device.

The simplification comes a twelvemonth aft the bundle shaper said it would marque changes to its hardware lineup arsenic portion of a circular of layoffs that deed 10,000 employees, including immoderate successful mixed reality. In the pursuing months, Microsoft discontinued respective keyboard models, causing frustration for immoderate dedicated customers.

"Earlier contiguous we announced a restructuring of the Microsoft's Mixed Reality organization," the spokesperson said successful an email. "We stay afloat committed to the Department of Defense's IVAS programme and volition proceed to present cutting borderline exertion to enactment our soldiers. In addition, we volition proceed to put successful W365 to scope the broader Mixed Reality hardware ecosystem. We volition proceed to merchantability HoloLens 2 portion supporting existing HoloLens 2 customers and partners."

Microsoft has not recovered large occurrence with the HoloLens since its instauration successful 2015, but the U.S. Defense Department gave a contract to the institution for a modified HoloLens named the Integrated Visual Augmentation System. But soldiers who utilized the devices dealt with nausea and different conditions, Bloomberg reported. Tests suggested that an updated exemplary looked promising.

But since then, Microsoft and its highly valued exertion peers person poured billions into commercializing artificial intelligence. Microsoft has raced to deploy Nvidia graphics processing units truthful radical tin usage a Copilot chatbot and Microsoft-backed OpenAI's fashionable ChatGPT. Premium AI features successful Microsoft 365 productivity applications tin constitute memos, draught presentations and summarize meetings.

In December, Microsoft further reduced concern successful augmented world and virtual reality, which blocks retired the surrounding world, erstwhile it deprecated Windows Mixed Reality, which included tools for moving applications successful head-mounted displays.

The spokesperson said Microsoft volition support selling the HoloLens 2 headset that was released successful 2019 but did not bespeak that a caller exemplary would beryllium coming. Insider reported successful 2022 that the institution had canceled a 3rd version.

Apple brought retired its ain augmented world headset, the Vision Pro, successful January.

Microsoft continues to enactment a diagnostic called Mesh that lets radical successful headsets enactment successful three-dimensional Teams video calls with colleagues. At the Microsoft Ignite league successful Seattle successful November, CEO Satya Nadella said the institution was "reimagining the mode employees travel unneurotic and link utilizing immoderate device, whether it's their PC, HoloLens, oregon Meta Quest."

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