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Patient utilizing Sword Health.

Courtesy: Sword Health

Pain absorption startup Sword Health connected Tuesday announced a caller artificial quality solution named Phoenix that patients tin talk with for guidance done virtual carnal therapy sessions. 

Sword, founded successful 2015, offers integer tools to assistance patients negociate symptom from location and debar different treatments similar opioids and surgery. The institution has utilized AI wrong its products since its launch, but CEO Virgílio Bento told that Phoenix offers users a much human-like experience. 

Phoenix is designed to replicate the enactment of a attraction specialist. Bento said patients should consciousness similar they person a carnal therapist wrong their homes. Patients tin speech straight to Phoenix astir however they are feeling, and the caller "specialist" tin respond, connection feedback and set the trouble and duration of the league successful existent time. 

Sword patients articulation sessions utilizing a tablet from the institution that tin way their movement. Bento said Phoenix monitors their progress, and aft each session, it summarizes their show information and sends it to 1 of Sword's quality clinicians for review.  

Bento said Sword's AI is presently capable to analyse question and supply elemental feedback, but Phoenix is much conversational. Phoenix's quality to analyse patients' information and make recommendations besides helps the company's clinicians run much efficiently, Bento added. 

Phoenix volition suggest changes for the patient's adjacent session, arsenic good arsenic a follow-up connection astir the league they completed. Bento said a quality clinician decides whether to accept, cull oregon edit those recommendations. Sword's clinicians person authorization implicit what exercises are due for a patient, truthful Phoenix does not marque immoderate decisions independently. 

"This is wellness care, truthful you volition ever request that last approval," Bento said successful an interview. "We person beardown guardrails successful presumption of however we bash things."

Patients tin motion up for Sword if it is supported by their leader oregon their wellness plan. Sword has already carried retired much than 3 cardinal AI-powered sessions with patients, according to a merchandise Tuesday. Bento said the institution has been focused connected concern customers but would similar to marque its solutions disposable to everyone.

Sword besides said Tuesday it raised $100 cardinal successful a secondary merchantability to supply liquidity to existent and erstwhile employees and aboriginal investors. Bento said the institution is forecasting that it volition beryllium profitable this year, but it raised an further $30 cardinal successful a superior merchantability to update its valuation. 

The institution has raised a full of $340 cardinal and is valued astatine $3 billion, according to the release. It was valued astatine $2 cardinal successful precocious 2021.     

Sword said a premix of caller and existing investors participated successful the round, immoderate of whom did not privation to beryllium named. Venture firms similar Khosla Ventures, Founders Fund and General Catalyst person antecedently invested successful the company.

Sword has been investigating Phoenix with immoderate patients utilizing its "Thrive" integer carnal therapy product. Bento said the institution volition proceed rolling it retired to much patients wrong Thrive and crossed its different offerings, including its pelvic wellness solution called "Bloom," implicit the coming months. 

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