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Abbott Chairman of the Board and CEO Robert B. Ford delivers a keynote code astatine CES 2022 astatine The Venetian Las Vegas connected January 6, 2022 successful Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Abbott Laboratories announced connected Monday it received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for 2 caller continuous glucose monitoring systems, including 1 for radical who don't person diabetes. Both volition beryllium disposable over-the-counter without a prescription.

A continuous glucose monitor, oregon a CGM, is simply a tiny sensor that pokes done the tegument and tracks a person's glucose levels successful existent time. It wirelessly transmits this information to a smartphone. CGMs are chiefly utilized by patients with diabetes since the tech tin assistance alert users, their families, and their doctors to emergencies.

The marketplace accidental could beryllium important for Abbott, whose existing CGMs are already utilized by astir 6 cardinal patients crossed 60 countries, Abbot said. Around 38.4 cardinal radical are surviving with diabetes successful the U.S. alone, Abbott said, and offering a consumer-facing CGM brings the exertion to an wholly caller population.

One of Abbott's caller systems, Libre Rio, is for patients with Type 2 diabetes who bash not instrumentality insulin. Its 2nd system, Lingo, is for consumers trying to amended their wellness and wellness, according to the company.

Abbott said Lingo users volition deterioration a biosensor connected their precocious limb for 14 days astatine a time, and they tin way their glucose information wrong a coaching app connected their phone. Participants get entree to customized coaching based connected their information that tin assistance them "retrain their metabolism and amended their wide wellbeing," the institution said.

Several companies like Signos usage CGMs to assistance radical suffer value and amended their metabolic health. Oftentimes, users request a valid CGM medicine to enactment successful these programs, truthful Abbott's caller over-the-counter offering could beryllium much accessible for immoderate consumers.

Libre Rio is Abbott's archetypal over-the-counter offering for radical with diabetes successful the U.S., though different CGMs wrong its portfolio person been disposable without a medicine successful different countries implicit the past decade. Libre Rio is designed for Type 2 patients who usually negociate their diabetes with manner modifications, the institution said.

Abbott rival Dexcom, which besides sells CGM systems, received FDA support for its first-ever over-the-counter CGM successful March.