Behind Boeing's decade-long struggle to launch astronauts on Starliner | MuaneToraya

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Boeing's Starliner is simply a human-grade abstraction capsule designed to instrumentality astronauts to and from the International Space Station. Boeing began enactment connected the capsule successful 2014, erstwhile it signed a $4.2 cardinal declaration with NASA nether the agency's Commercial Crew Program.

NASA besides selected SpaceX for the job, giving Elon Musk's institution $2.6 cardinal to make its Crew Dragon capsule.

"The entirety of the Commercial Crew Program was precise overmuch a caller venture," said Caleb Henry, manager of probe astatine Quilty Space. "Prior to that, NASA relied connected a batch of its ain engineering endowment to get humans to the abstraction station."

Henry said the programme allowed NASA to offload "some of those responsibilities to the backstage sector."

"There was immoderate reticence successful Congress towards this benignant of approach," helium said. "It was lone due to the fact that Boeing threw its chapeau successful the ringing that Congress and by extension, NASA, were assured capable to really spell guardant with this program."

In the decennary since, Boeing has struggled to present connected the six missions it's contracted to alert with NASA.

Of the astir $5 cardinal Boeing has received to make Starliner to date, the institution has spent $1.5 billion to screen hold overruns. Boeing precocious launched its past test, a milestone crewed mission, which it needs to implicit earlier NASA tin certify Starliner to statesman operational missions.

SpaceX, meanwhile, has completed implicit a twelve crewed missions to space, launching some NASA astronauts and backstage citizens since 2020.

Watch the video to larn much astir the obstacles that Boeing has faced with its Starliner task and what the aboriginal whitethorn clasp for its long-awaited capsule.