ASML, Belgium's Imec open laboratory to test newest chip-making tool | MuaneToraya

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ASML logo is seen astatine the office successful Veldhoven, Netherlands June 16, 2023.

Piroschka Van De Wouw | Reuters

ASML, the biggest shaper of instrumentality utilized to manufacture semiconductors, said connected Monday it has opened a trial laboratory for its High NA EUV lithography equipment, unneurotic with Belgium spot probe steadfast Imec.

The laboratory successful Veldhoven, Netherlands, years successful the making, volition springiness starring chipmakers and different instrumentality and materials proviso companies an aboriginal accidental to enactment with the 350 cardinal euro ($380 million) tool, the first of its kind.

ASML dominates the marketplace for lithography equipment, a cardinal measurement successful the chipmaking process successful which beams of airy are utilized to make the circuitry of chips.

Among spot manufacturers, lone TSMC, Samsung, Intel and representation specialists SK Hynix and Samsung are capable to manufacture utilizing ASML's existent procreation of utmost ultraviolet oregon EUV machines.

The caller High NA instrumentality allows for up to 60% amended resolution, and is expected to pb to caller generations of smaller, faster chips.

ASML repeated connected Monday that it expects customers to statesman commercialized manufacturing with the instrumentality successful 2025-2026.

To day ASML has lone shipped one other test machine, to Intel successful the United States, which plans to usage the instrumentality successful its 14A process successful 2025.

ASML has orders for much than a dozen, though TSMC, its biggest lawsuit for EUV equipment, has said it does not need to usage High NA tools for its A16 chips, expected to participate accumulation successful 2025.