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Apple CEO Tim Cook gestures during the yearly developer league lawsuit astatine the company's office successful Cupertino, California, U.S., June 10, 2024. 

Carlos Barria | Reuters

Apple shares popped 5% to a caller grounds precocious of astir $203 per stock connected Tuesday, a time aft the institution announced its long-awaited propulsion into artificial quality astatine its yearly developer conference connected Monday.

Apple introduced a scope of caller AI features during the event, including an overhaul of its dependable adjunct Siri, integration with OpenAI's ChatGPT, a scope of penning assistance tools and caller customizable emojis. The institution pitched the features arsenic AI for the mean person, though users volition apt request to upgrade their iPhones to entree the tools.

With Tuesday's stock move, Apple bested its erstwhile grounds from Dec. 14. The company's developer league came arsenic a invited motion for investors who person been watching to spot however Apple volition capitalize connected the ongoing AI boom.

Analysts from Morgan Stanley said Apple's AI features powerfully presumption the institution with "the astir differentiated user integer agent." Additionally, the analysts judge that the features volition thrust consumers to upgrade their iPhones, which should "accelerate instrumentality replacement cycles."

They said Apple volition inactive person to present erstwhile the AI features are archetypal disposable successful the fall, but they deliberation the "building blocks are successful spot for a instrumentality to maturation and much sustained outperformance."

"Following a WWDC that delivered connected the cardinal details we were focused connected heading into the event, we person adjacent greater condemnation that Apple is connected the cusp of a multi-year merchandise refresh that underpins our OW rating, $216 terms target, and $270 bull lawsuit valuation," the analysts wrote successful a enactment Tuesday.

Bank of America analysts were besides optimistic astir Apple's announcements, and said the features volition pb to "an upgrade rhythm for AI enabled IntelliPhones." The analysts maintained their bargain standing connected the banal owed to the committedness of a multi-year upgrade cycle, imaginable for gross borderline upside and services growth.

Evercore analysts said they came distant from the league with "increased confidence" successful Apple's AI strategy, peculiarly due to the fact that they judge it volition propulsion users to upgrade their devices.

"Restricting Apple Intelligence to iPhones sold wrong the past twelvemonth adds to our condemnation that AI tin assistance footwear disconnected an iPhone ace cycle," the analysts said successful a enactment Monday.

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