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Apple Intelligence introduced during Apple's WWDC2024 successful Cupertino, Calif. connected June 10th. 2024/

Source: Apple Inc. 

Apple yet dove headfirst into artificial intelligence connected Monday with its announcement of Apple Intelligence. But to tally it connected your iPhone, you mightiness request an upgrade.

Apple's website says Apple Intelligence, the company's instrumentality connected generative AI, is supported connected devices that tally the M1 chip, specified arsenic iPad Air, iPad Pro and Macs. That covers astir products that are respective years old. However, it volition lone enactment the 2023 iPhone 15 Pro Max and iPhone 15 Pro, not the regular iPhone 15.

That could assistance Apple thrust caller iPhone upgrades this fall.

The institution announced $45.96 cardinal successful iPhone gross during the 2nd quarter, down astir 10% from the year-ago quarter. The effect suggested anemic request for the existent iPhones released successful September.

Apple Intelligence volition fto you bash each sorts of things erstwhile it launches successful beta this fall. It tin proofread your writing, oregon adjacent rewrite it successful a affable oregon nonrecreational tone. It tin make customized emoji called "genmoji," hunt done your iPhone for circumstantial messages from someone, summarize and transcribe telephone calls oregon amusement you precedence notifications. It tin adjacent pat into OpenAI's ChatGPT to supply you much elaborate answers from Siri.

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