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Free Taxi booking app that you can download at demo page,We are ordinary people who need each other, I, you and they, we are the same, Muanetoraya is here for all of us.

Muanetoraya provides all the services you need


Passenger shuttle service via 4-wheeled vehicles with a capacity of 1-8 people.


Online transportation services for passenger pick-up via 2-wheeled vehicles with a capacity of 1 person.

Food Delivery

Food and beverage delivery service in one direct route to the destination.


Delivery service within the city.


Service to buy goods directly from the store and delivered to the customer's destination.


AC Service and Air Conditioning Wash directly at the customer's place.


Food Delivery Service with Hundreds of Restaurants.


makeup services with therapists who are already reliable in their field.

WHAT IS Muanetoraya

Muanetoraya is an online booking service through a free android application that can be enjoyed by all people.Enjoyed Taxi booking with us. Muanetoraya Provides online transportation services, goods delivery, food delivery, shopping for daily necessities and professional service providers on demand in one mobile application platform. Muanetoraya present in the city of USA to help you both for those of you who need jobs or who need services.

Why Choose Muanetoraya

Determine pickup and delivery

Determine the pick and take point. My Muanetoraya will estimate service fees for you.

Driver Search

App Taxi Booking will find a driver around you. You are just waiting for confirmation from the driver.

Chat feature

Chat features are available that make it easy to communicate between drivers and customers directly from the Application

Modern Design

Source Code For Taxi online with modern design

Multi-purpose Template

On Demand Taxi booking with many features.

Working Contact Form

Increase income from online taxi business

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$120 /item


  • 8 Services
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$1200 /item


  • 14 Services
  • OTP
  • Multi Language
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$2500 /item


  • 14 Services
  • OTP
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  • Full Source Code
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Contact Us

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